To Kid or Not to Kid
To Kid or Not to Kid
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Follow filmmaker Maxine Trump as she turns the camera on herself and her close circle of family and friends as she confronts the idea of not having kids. While exploring the cultural pressures and harsh criticism women regularly experience, as well as the personal impact the decision may have on her own relationships Maxine meets other women reckoning with their choice: Megan, who struggles to get medical permission to undergo elective sterilization, and Victoria, who lives with the backlash of publicly acknowledging that she made a mistake when she had a child. Maxine grapples with the fact she never made children a priority, and now has to “come out” about the fact she might be childfree. Using intimate and up close scenes of a hugely personal nature, the film exposes the reality, do women really have a choice of what to do with their bodies? The startling facts this film uncovers interwoven with scenes baring more than Maxine may have wished for, To Kid or Not To Kid will leave you asking the same questions. Why are women (and men) made to feel they must have kids, otherwise they must be weird, selfish or somehow wrong.
Starring Megan Turner
Director Maxine Trump