Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSanten

Hailing from Minnesota, Shantel VanSanten modeled for various magazines before making the transition to acting. By the mid-2000s, she had guest-starred on a television series and landed nameless roles in two made-for-TV movies. In '09, however, her career received a boost from several projects. She appeared in an episode of the popular crime procedural "CSI: NY" as well as the horror movie "The Final Destination," which was an impressive box office hit given the lack of name stars. In "The Final Destination," the fourth installment of the lucrative horror franchise, VanSanten played Lori Milligan, one of a group of friends who narrowly escapes death after her boyfriend has a psychic vision. Her character spends the movie trying not to be gouged, eviscerated, or exploded by the various traps that Death sends their way in order to finish the job. Last but not least, '09 brought VanSanten the starring role of Quinn James on the teen-oriented drama "One Tree Hill." Through the 2011 season of the show, her character is best-known for being shot, and then trying to arrange the murder of her attacker. During the early '10s, VanSanten played another stalking victim in the thriller "Something Wicked," and also starred in the drama "You and I" as an American lesbian battling loneliness amidst the Moscow club scene.