Hareket Sekiz
Action 8 is the story of three policemen who chase after the Russian Godfather.Policeman Bünyamin,Reşat adn Kazım has a successful career history by coincidences till this moment . An now... They have a thoug mission.Russian Godfather Zolka is about to do a huge amount of a smuggling deal.Zolka makes plans to kidnap "bor mine" from Turkey to abroad in order to use for a special weapon.Bünyamin, Reşat and Kazım find themselves in a big adventure after they are assigned to beat Russian mafia.We wonder that if three policemen can overcome Russian mafia by falling into a big trouble and unawere of their future ?
Starring Ali Sunal, Onur Atilla, Devrim Yakut
Director Ali Yorgancioglu