Todd Duffee

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 16, future mixed martial artist Todd Duffee joined a boxing gym and initiated the intense training regimen that he would commit himself to for the rest of his career. After he rented videos of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fights, he was inspired to begin training at a mixed martial arts gym. His success within the mixed martial arts circuit was rather swift, especially after he defeated UFC veteran Assuiero Silva with a knockout victory during the second round of their match during the 2008 Jungle Fight 11 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Duffee joined the UFC itself in 2009, fighting at UFC 102 in Portland, Oregon. He earned an astonishing victory during this match, as he scored a record-setting knockout against his opponent TIm Hague. Duffee left the UFC a year later after sustaining a number of injuries, and he devoted his time to fighting in smaller leagues. Duffee made his acting debut in the 2011 action film "Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown," the sequel to 2008's "Never Back Down." Duffee naturally plays a mixed martial artist in the film, which stars Michael Jai White (who also directed), Dean Geyer, and Alex Meraz.