Liszt, Piano Sonata in B minor, Schumann, Davidsbündlertänze - Boris Berezovsky - Verbier Festival
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He is built like the Colossus of Rhodes with the hands of a Titan or the strength of an emperor and Boris Berezovsky leaves nobody indifferent. By taking enormous risks in Liszt's Sonata, by surprising his audiences with his endurance and by being able to lead his piano into unexplored territories, Berezovsky belongs to the long and great tradition of Romantics. His style is inspired and inspiring, his heightened sense of form flirts with improvisation and his strength is bewildering. Programme: Franz Liszt Piano Sonata in B Minor - Robert Schumann Davidsbündlertänze, Op. 6
Hauptdarsteller:innen Boris Wadimowitsch Beresowski