The Weird Man
The Water Margin, Journey to the West and Romance of the Three Kingdoms are China's most famous literary classics. After director Chang Cheh's film adaptations of the first two classics wowed audiences, Chang completed the circle with The Weird Man, a bizarre variation of Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. Besides Cheng Tien-chi, who starred in Jackie Chan's Fearless Hyena, Chang uses a cast of unknowns and gives the story a ghostly-horror edge. Chang is known for his lone swordsman and hero movies and strangely The Weird Man still reflects this. Cheng plays a righteous, beheaded priest with supernatural powers that returns from the dead to wreak havoc against one of the corrupt kingdoms, making Cheng a heroic "swords-ghost". It is insane sanity to the maximum degree, a must see film.
Hauptdarsteller:innen Chao Kuo, Tien-chi Cheng, Yu-Po Liu
Regie Chang Cheh