Alex Gerry

While Alex Gerry's name isn't immediately recognizable, his visage would almost certainly be familiar to any fan of 1950s and 1960s film and TV. The hotel manager in the Jerry Lewis farce "The Bellboy"? One of the aspiring Broadway types surrounding a young Elizabeth Taylor in "Love Is Better Than Ever"? Or how about Uncle Louie in the Danny Thomas remake of "The Jazz Singer" in 1952? All of them are Gerry. The actor was in his forties when he garnered his first film credit, in the 1948 western "Panhandle," and he spent the next three decades playing a bewildering variety of judges, attorneys, doctors, businessmen, and professors on the large and small screens. Emblematic of Gerry's career was his involvement with three 1960s television staples: the sitcom "Bewitched," the procedural drama "The F.B.I.," and the crime show "Mannix." While appearing on multiple episodes of the shows, he also played multiple characters.