Ellery Sprayberry

Ellery Sprayberry

Actress Ellery Sprayberry was most commonly known for her roles in television dramas. Sprayberry's early acting career consisted of parts on a wide variety of programs such as "CSI: Miami" (2002-2012), "Criminal Minds" (CBS, 2005-) and "Brothers & Sisters" (ABC, 2006-2011). She also appeared in "Journeyman" (2007-08), "Private Practice" (ABC, 2007-2013) and "Pushing Daisies" (ABC, 2007-09). She continued to work steadily in television dramas throughout the early 2000s and the 2010s, appearing on "The Mentalist" (CBS, 2008-2015) and "The Forgotten" (ABC, 2009-2010). She also had roles in film during these years, including roles in the family "Soccer Mom" (2008) with Missi Pyle. Recently, she tackled roles on "The Event" (2010-11), "About a Boy" (NBC, 2013-15) and "Back In The Game" (ABC, 2013-14). She also appeared in "Baskets" (FX, 2015-). Most recently, Sprayberry acted in "The Bronze" (2016) with Melissa Rauch.