John Milford

Beyond actor John Milford's role as a sketch comedy player for "The Tonight Show" during the Johnny Carson era, and a costarring role in the now forgotten 1980-'81 CBS action comedy "Enos," is a remarkable credit: Milford was instrumental in helping design the look of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Considering how popular the attraction is, this is arguably his most sizable legacy. It also makes perfect sense for an actor who started his career in '55 with an uncredited appearance in the Oscar-winning drama "Marty" and went on to grace many of Tinseltown's legendary properties. One of his good runs was as a guest star on early TV Westerns such as "The Rifleman" (he played various characters in 11 episodes) and "The Virginian" (six episodes). Milford almost clicked with "Enos," a spinoff of CBS's mega-smash "The Dukes of Hazzard." The show has something of a cult following. Along with his Johnny Carson sketch work, highlighted by his impersonation of Russian leader Leonid Brezhnev, Milford also ran a theater in Los Angeles through which many future stars passed. In essence, Milford is one of those guys who is much better known within Hollywood for all his influence than by the general public.