Paul Pavel

Born Paul Kriatchko in Paris, the durable French actor changed his last name to the slightly easier-to-digest Pavel in the early days of his career. He first appeared on-screen in the obscure 1953 film "The Night is Ours," but his career didn't really catch fire until the following decade. Some of his more notable turns in the 1960s included roles in the French romantic melodrama "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and in the big-budget Hollywood flop "The Night of the Generals." Pavel also left an impression in a small role as a mechanic in the thriller "The Bride Wore Black," a dark tale directed by François Truffaut about a disturbed young woman. The actor was even busier in the 1970s, taking small roles in a host of French movies. Later that decade, he began working in television, appearing in the mystery series " Les Enquetes du Commissaire Maigret," in addition to several other shows and TV movies. In the 1980s, his appearances slowed down, and by the time the 21st century arrived, his roles had become few and far between. Among his more high-profile projects of his latter years was a French film iteration of Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables" in 1982.