A New Life

S1, E6: A New Life

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S1 E6: While Tony fights seasickness all the way across the Indian Ocean to the Aegean, his pregnant girlfriend Danielle McGuire trips through Europe managing to burn the local police tasked to follow her. By the time Not-So-Fat Tony arrives in Athens to be reunited with her, Danielle has settled into a luxurious apartment and given birth to their daughter. Back in Melbourne the Purana Taskforce decides it's time they lent a hand finding Australia's Most Wanted drug dealer. Fortuitously, the government posts a handsome reward for information leading to Tony's arrest just as one of his disgruntled employees comes forward with valuable information, including a mobile phone number Tony is known to call regularly. It is via that phone-tap that a Greek-speaking Purana Taskforce member realises their man is hiding out in Athens.