Episode 1

S1, E1: Episode 1

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S1 E1: It's the day of Woody and Lol's wedding and all is not honey and cream. The thing is, well, the thing is Woody is not sure that marriage as a thing is such a good thing. Matters are not helped when Meggy has a heart attack on a toilet bowl. Meanwhile, Shaun, long separate from the gang, celebrates his last day of school the way every youth hopes to, sharing an egg sandwich with his Mum. She wants him to get a job, school bully Flip wants to help him out with his love life, Shaun just wants a scooter. Well, a scooter maybe with Smell on the back of it. He won't get the scooter. He might get her. Lava lamps will fly, wreaths will be stolen, weddings will be missed, old desires will be rekindled and mysterious Micks will reappear as we're all reminded This Is England.