Episode 2

S1, E2: Episode 2

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S1 E2: The dawn chorus has nothing on a bunch of pissed-up monkeys serenading an old pal. Shaun is brought back into the fold. The trouble is that this gang now has holes in it a few miles wide. Gadget loves Kelly, Kelly doesn't love Gadget, Woody loves Lol, Milky loves Lol, Lol isn't sure who she loves. Matters come to a head as Lol's Dad Mick, returned to the bosom of his family, re-introduces himself to his daughter's life. A move which catapults her into the loving embrace of the wrong man - Milky. Shaun, in contrast to Lol, is having a great time, he has friends again, he has a new job in a fast-moving industry (home videos, they're the future) and his Mum is shagging his new boss Sandhu....oh. Yeah. He doesn't like that bit. Cover your ears ladies and gentlemen, sex is coming to town. Oh, and did we mention a boy called Winston?