Episode 3

S1, E3: Episode 3

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S1 E3: Shaun, having rejected his Mum, is living rough. But everyone else is living rougher. What do you get a girl who has nothing? Less. Lol's world is falling apart and she's doing everything she can to fall apart with it. She doesn't want Milky, she doesn't want Woody, she certainly doesn't want Mick, she doesn't want anyone. As the best game of three legged football you've ever seen descends into chaos so do the lives of its participants. Gadget walks out on the life he could have had, Meggy almost discovers a life he never had, and Woody grabs vainly onto a life he nearly had. As Mexico '86 heats up with a Lineker hat trick, Mick does something unspeakable to a girl called Trev. And then Combo the cowboy returns from his travels. Remember him?