Love Is Rock / a Petrifying Look

S1, E4: Love Is Rock / a Petrifying Look

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S1 E4: Love is Rock: Rick da Rock, teen-dream rockstar, is playing in London and both Cherie and Zoe are dying to see him! Tickets to a concert aren't enough for Cherie - she wants Rick da Rock all to herself! Love is literally in the air when Quba brings Picadilly Circus' Eros statue to life and a battle for Rick's love between Cherie and Zoe ensues! / A Petrifying Look: It's Halloween and everyone's been invited to the big Halloween costume party extravaganza! Except Quba. Determined to ruin everybody's fun, Quba uses his Spray Alive on Caravaggio's Medusa to turn the whole party into stone! When Pablo and Zoe mistake the real Medusa for their Uncle Leo in a Halloween costume, it looks like there will be more tricks than treats for the DaVincis!