S1, E 2: Masquerade

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The comic book is back! Lance (Alex House) finds it under his mousepad and he's horrified to discover that it predicts a very nasty end for him. After Cally (Paula Brancati) complains of sleepless nights and a math test that's stressing her out, Lance makes the difficult decision not to tell her about his discovery. Things start to look up when a strange kid, Vern (David Rendall), overhears Lance giving his buddy Dizzy (Jonathan Malen) some gaming tips. Impressed, Vern dazzles Lance with stories about an underground live-action gaming group, then flatters him by inviting him to join. Lance struggles with the decision alone, not wanting to end up like Blaze does in the comic, but curious and thrilled to be recognized for his gaming talent. Ultimately, he decides to go and join Vern and his shady friends, and finds himself caught up in a midnight graveyard initiation that almost costs him his life.