Monumental Showdown / Crushed

S1, E2: Monumental Showdown / Crushed

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S1 E2: Monumental Showdown: Dr. Meanie uses her latest invention to turn the Eiffel Tower into a transformer-like robot! Pablo and Zoe steal Dr. Meanie's invention and turn the Arc de Triomphe into a similar transformer-like robot and the two monuments battle it out like Godzilla and Mothra in the heart of Paris! / Crushed: It's the school dance and Quba uses his daughter, Cherie, to destroy Pablo DaVinci by asking him out only to break his heart. When Cherie and Pablo's date goes better than expected, however, Quba brings the Attila the Hun statue to life in order to crush Pablo himself! Will Pablo beat Attila in a final dance-off and save himself from being crushed?