Set in Stone / Bar-B-Clueless

S1, E1: Set in Stone / Bar-B-Clueless

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S1 E1: Set in Stone: After bringing back a piece of ancient art from Egypt, Pablo enters it in the school art show as his own creation. When Pablo actually wins fi rst place for his plagiarized art, Quba seeks revenge against Pablo and brings the Egyptian artwork to life using his "Spray Alive." Too bad for the DaVinci's that the artwork just happens to be Set, the Egyptian god of chaos! / Bar-B-Clueless: The DaVinci family travels to Egypt to for B.E.C.A.B, the Brave Explorers Conference and Bar-B-Q. When Quba, the S.V.B.V., and the Abu Simbel statues crash the event in the hopes of destroying the DaVincis, Pablo and Lisa must survive the various B.E.C.A.B competitions and avoid Quba's horrible traps in order to win the prized "Golden Shish Kabob" for the best explorer family!