Splish Splash Fun/Messypotamia

S1, E1: Splish Splash Fun/Messypotamia

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S1 E1: Lucy doesn’t like bath-time – she doesn’t even like getting wet. Rooney’s not a fan of getting wet either. The Doodlebops try to get Lucy and Rooney to see how fun water can be by going to Soaked and Silly Water Park, the best water park in the Doodlenet. Both Rooney and Lucy, while nervous at first, end up having a spectacular day./Jamie doesn’t understand why he’s always being told to tidy his room so the Doodlebops take him to Messy-Potamia – the messiest place in the Doodlenet. When their concert almost gets cancelled because the stage and tour bus are covered in piles of junk, Jamie leads the charge to clean up, even having to convince Moe (who also loves messes) that tidying up is important after all.