The Barber of Sleepville / Scream a Little Scream

S1, E3: The Barber of Sleepville / Scream a Little Scream

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S1 E3: The Barber of Sleepville: When Pablo suffers from insomnia, the DaVincis travel to Vienna in the hopes of lulling Pablo to sleep with the city's famous opera. When they discover the Tenors have stolen Mozart's Requiem and conquered the city by putting its residents to sleep, Pablo's hopes for dreamland have suddenly become a nightmare! Will Pablo and Zoe be able to resist falling asleep and save Vienna before it's too late? Scream a Little Scream: Quba uses his Spray Alive on Edward Munch's "The Scream" in the hopes of shattering the polar ice caps with The Scream's killer vocals. When his plan goes awry, the DaVincis come to the rescue and plan to return The Scream back to the museum - but not before Pablo uses him to win a Battle of the Bands contest!