Vote for a Goat / Big Thumbs Up!

S1, E5: Vote for a Goat / Big Thumbs Up!

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S1 E5: Vote for a Goat: Pablo and Zoe are running against each other in their school's student council election and Quba has had enough of their election posters crowding his pizza parlor. There's only one thing to do: bring to life Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, to run against the DaVincis and defeat them once and for all! When Quba's plan backfires and Apollo starts taking over the school, it is up to Pablo to challenge Apollo to a duel in the only game he knows best: Guitar Champion! / Big Thumbs Up!: It's the Planet's Texting Championship in Venice, Italy, and Pablo is determined to win the competition. In search for only the best partner, Pablo finds a fellow "student" with the fastest texting thumbs in the school: a disguised Dr. Meanie! With a plot to turn all of Venice into zombies through her mass texting at the competition, it will be up to the DaVincis to stop Dr. Meanie before she sinks Venice and takes over the world!