Dolly Parton: Platinum Blonde
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Internationally renowned Country Music legend, Dolly Parton has established a successful name in the entertainment world, selling over 100 million recordings during an illustrious fifty year career. Platinum Blonde goes behind the scenes to take a closer look at the woman under the wigs when she returned to the concert stage back in 2002 after an absence of 20 years. From her youthful struggles with poverty in rural Tennessee, the Country diva has successfully risen to the top of her tree in music, movies and as a successful businesswoman who even owns her own theme park.Incorporating in-depth interviews with the effervescent Dolly as well as friends, family and colleagues such as Lily Tomlin, Kenny Rogers, Billy Connolly, Dabney Coleman, Alison Krauss, Sinead O'Connor, Norah Jones, Jonathan Ross and Terry Wogan, Platinum Blonde captures a personal glimpse into the life and times of a true Country and Western enigma.
Starring Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, Kenny Rogers
Director Jenny Ash