Exposure, Vol. 2
Exposure Vol. II is the second installment in the Exposure Series and follows five of the strongest climbers in the world in four heart-pounding segments. We'll travel from Squamish, BC to Bishop, CA with Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb as they seek out the highest, hardest lines. Dmitry Sharafutdinov shows us his unique training regime and we find out how and why Dmitry remains one of the best competition climbers of all time. Then we'll head to Switzerland with Alex Puccio and Nina Williams as Alex pushes the limits in female bouldering. In the final chapter, we meet a 20 year old German climber, Alex Megos, who is taking the climbing world by storm. Where did he come from and where will he take the sport?
Starring Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Dmitry Sharafutdinov
Director Kyle Berkompas, Kevin Ziechmann