Gates of Hell
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A dark reality mixed with nightmarish scenes, madness that breaks into reality: Gates of Hell creates a genre of its own and takes the audience to a world with gloomy, stylish aesthetics that almost looks like a computer game. It is impossible to escape the hypnotic pictures, so the viewer has to follow Tomás and Marco down to a hell, ruled by demons, illusions and fear! Two ruthless hitmen, who cross the borders between realities: Tomás and Marco, efficient and utterly deadly, are hired by their boss to kill his wife's lover, who is supposed to be in an abandoned hotel. A rather simple task, though it takes both of them down to hell, literally: A gruesome demon awaits Tomás and Marco, and there seems to be no way to escape its clutches.
Starring Harold Torres, Axel Ricco, Lisette Morelos
Director Henry Bedwell