Insensate follows the unfolding of three eerily intertwining vignettes as a trio of damaged women, Carina (America's Next Top Model® alum Allison Harvard) Rachel (Shelby Benson) and Blair (Monika Mercedes) struggle to connect with transient newcomers in their lives. Carina, a runaway living alone on a beautiful and barren Northern California beach, meets a strange woman claiming to know her. Rachel, an alluring and mysterious drifter staying at an isolated rural cabin finds herself attracted to another young woman residing nearby. Blair, living alone and having cut all ties to everyone in her life, spends her days walking idyllic vineyards and writing when she chances upon an eccentric homeless girl and decides to take her in. As these isolated women reach out they find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into increasingly dangerous emotional terrain.
Starring Allison Harvard, Shelby Benson, Monika Mercedes
Director Julie Schuldt