Josh Smith Live at the Spud
Live at the Spud features guitar maestro, singer-songwriter Josh Smith performing his signature mix of blues, rock, and jazz originals, culled from albums spanning his entire career and features the dynamic power trio of Josh on guitar and vocals, Gary Novak on drums and Travis Carlton on bass. “Anyone who has witnessed one of Josh Smith’s live performances comes away in awe of the man’s ability to fuse jazz, blues, and country into one neat package—with a technical ability that has to be seen to be believed" - Music Radar. With nine tracks, the album was recorded and filmed live at the Legendary Baked Potato music club in Studio City, California over two nights in December 2018. The goal was to present an unedited look at a normal night at the Baked Potato. Raw, powerful, improvisational and explosive. Josh says, “I wanted to give the fans a taste of what our shows are like in an intimate setting.” He adds, “We truly went for it on every note both nights.” As a producer as well as the frontman in the spotlight, Josh Smith chose the material for Live at the Spud almost as a culmination of the last 10 years, something from each of his albums, almost to wrap up that period of music in his life, before pushing ahead. The band goes for broke, having the time of their lives performing on stage. That excitement can be heard live on the record. “Josh is one of my favorite musicians on the planet. His musical depth and guitar playing transcend the boundaries of the blues genre into a genre of his own. I am proud to always share a stage with him and even prouder to call him my friend. --Joe Bonamassa “As a player, writer, singer and producer, Josh Smith has it all. Smith can truly rock. But his sense is strengthened by tasteful ideas, substantive playing, and a deep understanding of blues guitar.” Vintage Guitar Magazine, August 2018.
Starring Josh Smith, Gary Novak, Travis Carlton