Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas
It's Christmas Eve at Mossy Bottom Farm and Shaun's seasonal excitement turns to dismay when a farmhouse raid to get bigger stockings inadvertently leads to Timmy heading off to a Christmas market in the back of the Farmer's truck. Shaun mounts a rescue mission to the local town where the Farmer is trying to make a quick buck from selling his homemade festive fizz, and Farmer Ben, a local celebrity and influencer, is turning on the Christmas lights. Shaun's mission becomes critical when a gift box containing Timmy is given to Farmer Ben's feisty daughter, Ella.A high-speed snow chase ensues as the Ben family head home in their 4x4, oblivious to the sleigh full of sheep that's following them, which itself is being pursued by Bitzer on make-shift skis.A quick-thinking Timmy manages to convince Ella that he's just a toy, but he can't escape the clutches of the cute tearaway. Shaun urgently needs to gain entry into Ella's high-tech house, avoid her parents and get her to give up her new favourite possession. Can Shaun save the day and get Timmy home in time to open his stocking? Or has Shaun finally met his match in pocket rocket Ella? Prepare for an explosive high-wire ending as everyone learns the true value of Christmas!
Starring John Sparkes, Justin Fletcher, Kate Harbour
Director Steve Cox