The Angels: Kickin' Down the Door
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In 1978 The Angels were a behemoth of the Aussie rock scene and on the path to international success... until they just missed their chance. Smashing across the country with terrifying and theatrical live shows that sold out night after night, The Angels were powered by a tension that birthed the undeniable hits Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again, No Secrets and Marseilles but also saw singer Doc Neeson repeatedly attempt to leave and younger Brewster brother, Rick, tell John Brewster -- the 'captain’ of the band -- he was being kicked out. This surprisingly intimate documentary - with band member's home videos and never before seen photos - gets up close and personal whilst rocking the audience’s socks off. Witness the transformation of the Aussie music scene from squeaky clean pop to gritty rock and kick the f***ing door down with The Angels.
Starring John Brewster, Rick Brewster, Doc Neeson
Director Madeleine Parry