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The Farthest

The Farthest

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More than 12 billion miles away, a tiny spaceship is leaving our Solar System and entering the void of deep space – the first humanmade object ever to do so. Slowly dying within its heart is a nuclear generator that will beat for perhaps another decade before the lights finally go out. Bearing a golden record with greetings, music and images from Earth, this little craft is humanity’s greatest scientific achievement. Now, 40 years after its successful launch, celebrate the story behind NASA’s ground-breaking VOYAGER program. An epic feat of personal drama and miraculous triumph, NASA’s twin Voyager space probes have defied the odds, survived countless near misses, and continue to beam revolutionary information across unbelievable distances. In this stunning documentary, meet the men and women who built these magnificent machines and discover what it took to propel them farther across the universe than anyone could have ever imagined.
Starring Fran Bagenal, Frank Drake, Carolyn Porco
Director Emer Reynolds