The Galahs
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In 1967 a group of Victorian AFL (VFL) stars jetted off to challenge the All-Ireland champions, County Meath, at their own game. The players were, and are, household names - Barassi, Skilton, Jesaulenko, Davis, Hart, Nicholls, Mann, Dugdale, Fraser. Most didn’t own passports. Most had barely been out of Victoria. The tourists were dubbed 'The Galahs'. But they played like the champions they were on an action packed world adventure. The Galahs is a rare feature film that reconnects fans with all time greats of both VFL and GAA football. It's a wonderful and largely untold story. It's full of fondly remembered travel anecdotes from young men on their first overseas adventure.
Starring Ron Barassi, Bob Skilton, Barry Davis
Director Rob Heath, Tony Wilson