The Pentagon UFO Files
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For decades, secrets have been kept from us. Kept from us by the powers that be. After years of silence and secrecy the US government has finally revealed evidence of extra-terrestrial life which could shatter our very perception of mankind’s place in the universe. Uncover the shocking truth behind the newly revealed Pentagon UFO files as we go deeper than ever before to scrutinize every detail, with in-depth analysis from scientific and military experts. Now with military confirmation of unexplainable aerial phenomenon, the debate of alien life invading Earth is becoming a foreseeable possibility. Are we ready for what the future holds? And what questions still remain in the Pentagon UFO files. Join some of Britain’s leading UFO researchers as they dissect the most momentous intelligence failure of our generation. Have we been visited by extra-terrestrial beings? Are we alone? You decide.
Starring Philip Mantle, Jason Gleaves, Malcolm Robinson
Director Piers Garland