The Wonders
In the countryside between the regions of Tuscany and Umbria, 12-year-old Gelsi lives with her parents, Angelica and Wolfgang, and three younger sisters, in a dilapidated stone farmhouse. They are a family of bee-keepers, living off the meager profits of honey sales. But the modern world is encroaching upon their way of life, with new laws requiring changes to their outdated laboratory, whilst around them the countryside is being burnt by pesticides. When a TV competition, Countryside Wonders, arrives from the city promising cash for "The Most Traditional Family," all Gelsi wants is to enter and to meet the host, the good fairy, Milly Cantena (Monica Belushi). Gelsi's father disallows her from entering the competition, and tension mounts further when he hires a teenage boy, Martin, to assist him in the bee-keeping. It's an extraordinary summer when the strict rules that hold a family together begin to break.
Starring Alba Rohrwacher, Sam Louwyck, Sabine Timoteo
Director Alice Rohrwacher