Marek, Evers, Losada and Arielle have robbed an armoured truck, killed its driver and made off with $4,000,000 in cash. But the freeway is road-blocked by police, so they ditch their guns and stash the loot in the luggage rack of a middle class family's suburban at a rest stop. Passing through the checkpoint abreast of their unsuspecting "mules", the robbers follow the Sidwell family truck, anticipating that once the family makes camp, taking back the money should be easy. Mr. Sidwell, however, notices he's being followed, and in the attempt to outrun his pursuers, is arrested for reckless driving. Thus begins a series of unforeseen complications in Marek's plan, culminating in the Sidwell's discovery of the cash, a marital dispute about how it got there, and then its inexplicable disappearance. As Marek quarrels with Losado over who's in charge and how to proceed, the Sidwells recognize their lives are at stake and prepare, as a family, to do battle with four ruthless killers.
Starring Diora Baird, Elisabeth Röhm, Jim Caviezel
Director Antonio Negret