Tutti Giù - Everybody Sometimes Falls
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Three young people who are “different”, special, but who share a common need to measure up to an “adult” world. Three young people that life puts to a severe test: can they achieve self-awareness, and still nurture that sacred flame which makes them feel alive? It is a massive challenge, which each must face alone. To live, to grow up, while trying not to stop dreaming of a future all your own. Because the strongest desire is to live your own passion, to live for what makes your heart beat faster, to live for yourself in a world that is out of the “ordinary”. A film about the time in your life in which you feel alone with yourself, facing a vast, magnificent and frightening void. A decision about which road to take, made alone between dreams and fears, successes and defeats.
Starring Lara Gut, Yanick Cohades, Nicola Perot
Director Niccolò Castelli