Ugur Yücel

Ugur Yucel was who had a successful Hollywood career. Yucel's earliest roles were in film, including the Sener Sen comedy "Milyarder" (1986), "Muhsin Bey" (1987) and "The Bandit" (1997). Yucel's film career continued throughout the nineties and the 2010s in productions like "Balalaika" (2000), "Hayatimin Kadinisin" (2006) and the drama "New York, I Love You" (2009) with Bradley Cooper. Yucel also appeared in "Ejder Kapani" (2010) and "Benim Dunyam" (2013). Yucel also created music for "Gemide" (1999) with Erkan Can. Most recently, Yucel directed the drama "Cold" (2014) with Cenk Medet Alibeyoglu.