Colours of China
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The natural cycles of the universe impact each other in a never-ending circle of five interconnected forces, each represented by colour, season, compass point, emotion and location. Colours of China takes the audience on a breathtaking journey through one of the world’s most fascinating and diverse nations. Green takes us East, to the beginning of the cycle, the vigorous growth and energy associated with Spring, the sunrise, wind and the element of Wood. Red is for joy, bounty, celebration, hot Southern summers and the element of Fire. Yellow brings us the balance of the Centre, the grounding energy of yellow Earth, and the seasonal changes of late Summer. White takes us West, to explore its people’s righteousness, expressions of grief and, as we near the end of the cycle, the bountiful harvests of Autumn. Its element is Metal. Black, symbolizing strength, takes us North to the depths of Winter and the life-giving element of Water, drawing our gaze to the heavens and night sky.