DNA Says Love You
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Pu Le Jian (Guo Yu Chen) is a young coffee shop staff member, but he dreams of becoming a popular YouTuber. He and one of his close friends make videos about discovering unusual and sometimes spooky places, but their efforts to create riveting content are amateurish and bumbling. Regardless, he refuses to give up, and spends his spare time at the cafe editing his videos. One day, a young stranger named Amber (Lin Hui Min) comes to the coffee shop claiming to be a photography and film student who has returned from studying in the UK. Amber offers to give Pu Le Jian some pointers and improve the quality of his videos, and the latter happily accepts. Pu Le Jian and Amber begin to spend more time together, but the former can’t seem to shake off the feeling that he knows Amber from somewhere. A sense of mutual attraction begins to build between them, but Amber has secrets. And there are further pressures on the duo from Pu Le Jian’s mother, who keeps nagging him to get married, as well as his long-time friend and female workmate, who seems to have a crush on Pu Le Jian… “DNA Says Love You” is a 2022 Taiwanese drama series that was directed by Eri Hao.