Fated to Love You
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In the Yan Li Kingdom, a place where superstition governs people’s actions, having twins is thought to be a bad omen. Into a family founded by a powerful general and patriarch, a pair of twins named Liu Jing Shu and Liu Jia (both played by Wu Ming Jing) was born. Their family moved quickly to hide the secret – moving the “younger” sister Liu Jia to another location to be raised secretly under a different identity. She grows mischievous and adventure-loving. Sometimes she poses as her twin in order to escape and enjoy herself. Meanwhile, Liu Jing Shu grows to become a graceful and elegant young woman. But things take a bizarre turn when a handsome young marquis named Xiao Ren Yan (Bao Han) steps onto the scene. He is being pushed into an arranged marriage and is none too happy about this situation. At his engagement party, he bumps into Liu Jia, who is sneaking around in the kitchen in search of delicious treats. He soon learns her secret. But instead of betraying her, he decides to help her – and even teaches her to fight. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful romance? Or will the secret of Liu Jia’s birth lead to her downfall? “Fated to Love You” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Sun Jia Yang.