Lesson In Love
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Zhang Yi Xiang (Edward Chen) is a talented and popular but somewhat rebellious 17-year-old high school student. His mother wields considerable power at school and is influential. She harbors a dark secret, which is connected to her son’s birth. But Zhang Yi Xiang is something of a free spirit – with a quick temper and a strong will. Meanwhile, Chen Meng Yun (Tiffany Hsu) is a new teacher at the school. She finds herself somewhat overwhelmed by the passions of the students, who often bully one another (and teachers) cruelly and get into physical altercations. One day, while she is taking a break in the music room and playing the piano to ease her mind, Zhang Yi Xiang confronts her – and tells her that he has feelings for her, something that she already suspects. She has also developed a crush on him, and the two begin an affair. But what will happen if their secret gets out – and the rest of the school, the media, and his mother learn the truth? “Lesson in Love” is a 2022 Taiwanese drama series that was directed by Lemmon Wong.