Let's Eat Something, Anna
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Sohn Anna (Nam Gyu Ri) is something of a recluse. She is loath to venture outside, and prefers to stay at home with her computer and television. Her two biggest hobbies are watching home shopping channels and blogging. In fact, she has become so good at the latter of these two hobbies that she has become a “power blogger” – an influencer whose posts are read all over South Korea. Park Ji Yong (Im Seulong), meanwhile, is a handsome home shopping MC. One day, he is charged with an unusual assignment: He must find a power blogger to bring onto the show he is presenting. His search leads him to Anna. She proves very reluctant to appear on live TV…but Ji Yong won’t be put off so easily! “Let’s Eat Something, Anna” is a 2017 South Korean drama series produced by Kim Kyung Ho.