Meet & Meat
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Six meat-loving celebrities team up on a foodie adventure like no other! Food-loving YouTuber Bab Gub Nam, actress and video-maker Han So Young, TV chef Kang Leo, singer Don Spike, comedian Jung Joon Ha, and singer-turned-TV personality Lee Sang Min join forces and travel across South Korea in a quest to seek out some of the nation’s most unusual – and most delicious – meat-based dishes. Expect cooking tips aplenty as the sextet share their knowhow, thoughts, and food history knowledge. Their journey takes them to farms, meat processing plants, restaurants, and more. Find out how to season meat like a pro, cook up a storm, and pair your fare with the right wine – as the celebs get their garden grills fired up for a feast! “Meet and Meat” is a 2020 South Korean variety TV show whose executive producer was Lee Min Su.