Motokare Retry
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Haneki Mitsu (Kawazu Asuka) is a young woman who has just started college. She hopes that university life will help her forget her past – and the heartbreak of lost love. Back in her junior high school days, she fell in love with Hirako Kaede (Jin Suzuki). The two dated, but the love story ended in sadness. She was brokenhearted for years. But now she hopes for a fresh start – and a brand new love story. She also has the support of her best friend, a young man named Yamashita Kazuha (Yoshida Jinto). However, Mitsu is stunned to discover that the man who moves into the room next to hers is none other than Kaede! But Kaede appears to have changed in the years since she last saw him. He has become mature and cosmopolitan – while still remaining every bit as handsome as he once was! Mitsu finds herself torn between the emotions she still feels for Kaede and her desire to find a new love. Things get even more complicated for her when she starts to suspect that Kazuha’s feelings for her may not be purely platonic! Could love strike twice for Mitsu and Kaede? Or has too much water already passed under the bridge? “Motokare Retry” is a 2022 Japanese drama series that was directed by Ikeda Chihiro.