My Love Mix-Up!
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For longer than he'd care to admit, Sota Aoki (Shunsuke Michieda) has had a crush on his classmate Mio Hashimoto (Riko Fukumoto). Sitting next to her in class every day, Aoki wishes he could find a way to tell her how he feels but something keeps holding him back. Despite being unable to confess his feelings, he’s at least able to talk to her about other, simpler things. He’s even occasionally borrowed school supplies from her, which is why he didn’t think twice about asking to borrow an eraser from her when he found himself needing one during class one day. Little did Aoki know that borrowing one simple eraser would change his life forever. Noticing Hashimoto had written something on the eraser he’d borrowed, Aoki is devastated to find that she had written "Ida-kun". Crushed by the realization that she has absolutely no romantic interest in him, Aoki finds himself so flustered that he accidentally drops the eraser. Much to his horror, the very same Kousuke Ida (Ren Meguro), picks up the eraser and hands it back to Aoki. Noticing his name on the eraser, Ida suddenly sees Aoki in an entirely different light. With Ida now convinced Aoki has a crush on him and Hashimoto wanting nothing more from him than their casual friendship, Aoki has no idea what to do next. Will he be able to clear up this misunderstanding with Ida, or will he find that fate has other plans? Adapted from the manga of the same name written by Wataru Hinekure, “My Love Mix-Up!” is a 2021 romantic comedy drama directed by Shogo Kusano and Tadaaki Horai.