Original SIN
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With a useful combination of guts and wits, Chi Zhen (Zhai Tian Lin) has made a name for himself as a lawyer on both sides of the law. Outsmarting the rich and powerful takes him far, but not far enough to complete revenge. With no place to run, Chi Zhen finds himself behind bars but his time in prison only makes him stronger. While Chi Zhen makes a name for himself , top police academy student, Lu Li (Yin Zheng), also makes a name for himself in an entirely different way. A new member of the police force, Lu Li climbs the ranks quickly as he solves a series of difficult cases. Promoted to police chief after a few short years, Lu Li is a force to be reckoned with. An ex-con and a cop with a shining career, Chi Zhen and Lu Li couldn’t be more different, but when fate decides to bring them together, this unlikely duo is forced to set aside their differences to solve a crime like no other. "Original Sin" Is a suspenseful 2018 crime drama directed by Raymond Yip.