The Witch Store Reopens
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Lee Hae Na (Yerin) is a female witch who runs a small, independent witchcraft store. But the store has fallen on hard times and is now on the verge of closing once and for all. Lee Hae Na has resolved to do whatever she can to prevent her shop from going under, but time is running out. Although she excels at witchcraft – and is a dab hand at cursing people and casting spells, she has very little in the way of business acumen, a fact that is hitting sales at the store. Joining her at the store is an ordinary-seeming high school student named Han Ji Ho (Yonghee). He has very little in the way of ambition and drive, but actually possesses a rare ability to do whatever he wants to do...if he can only set his mind to the task. Han Ji Ho joins the shop as a part-time staff member. But while he thought very little of the job at first, he eventually becomes determined to help Lee Hae Na save the store. But is it too late to save the shop? Or will the combination of his willpower and her witchcraft skills be enough to help the shop escape closure? “The Witch Store Reopens” is a 2022 South Korean drama series that was directed by Jung Sung Bin.