Unexpected - Love Story in Maison Ginseiso-
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Shitara Kouichi (Fujigaya Taisuke) is a highly successful member of the product planning department at a major beer brewery. Aged 31, he seems to have it all. He is happily married and has been awarded for his good work performance on several occasions. But his life comes crashing down around him when he is suddenly demoted. Shitara Kouichi realizes that he is being forced out of the company, so voluntarily quits. When he gets home, however, he is stunned to discover that his wife wants to divorce him. He is forced to find a new job – and eventually finds one...as the caretaker of an all-female boarding house. Here he must cook, clean, and do other chores for the female residents. One of the long-term residents here is named Nishijima Itsuka (Sekimizu Nagisa). While Nishijima Itsuka appears to be a meticulous and thoughtful woman to her coworkers, at home, she is a bossy slob! She constantly criticizes Shitara Kouichi’s cooking and cleaning skills and is generally very abrasive with him. But as they get to know one another, an unexpected spark of romance begins to ignite! “Unexpected - Love Story in Maison Ginseiso” is a 2023 Japanese drama series that was directed by Katayama Osamu and Nakamae Yuji.