Unforgettable Love
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He Qiao Yan (Wei Zhe Ming) is the superbly intelligent CEO of a powerful conglomerate – a title he inherited from his affluent family. He has no real sense of empathy, however, and understanding human relationships appears to be beyond him. He also struggles to express his emotions – and sees the world in a very straightforward manner. This causes no end of complications at home: He is the single father of a young son named Xiao Bao (Lennon Sun). While he loves this boy very much, he has no idea how to control or discipline a child. The situation is starting to get out of hand. But when He Qiao Yan and Xiao Bao meet the child psychologist Qin Yi Yue (Hu Yi Xuan), relief may be at hand. She is a natural with the child, and He Qiao Yan quickly realizes that she could provide him with a solution. He offers her a huge sum of money if she will become the boy’s “contract mother.” She agrees and the arrangement gets off to a good start. But things get complicated again when He Qiao Yan begins to develop feelings for Qin Yi Yue. Will his emotional and romantic ineptitude scupper his chance at love? Or will Cupid come to his aid? “Unforgettable Love” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Yu Lei.