The Mephisto Waltz
Myles Clarkson is a journalist and a rising young classical pianist, and is thrilled to be able to combine those pursuits in a long-sought-after interview with the legendary - and ailing - concert pianist, Duncan Ely. Clarkson is in for a nasty surprise. The elderly Ely is a closet Satanist, and performs a ritual in which his soul is transferred into Myles at the moment of his death. Now Ely can be young again, and continue to play the piano. Complications ensue when Myles' wife, Paula, notices the changes in her husband's behavior. As she struggles to learn the truth about what has happened, she is pulled into Ely's horrifying world, and is embroiled in further soul-swapping, demonic possession and terrible family secrets. When you're dancing to the Mephisto Waltz, the Devil calls the tune.
Starring Alan Alda, Jacqueline Bisset, Curd Jürgens
Director Paul Wendkos