Dancing Quietly
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When do you actually succeed in 'living'? When you understand math and manage to take your Abitur? When you know how to get a doctor's certificate in order to move your exams? When you find the right guy, who loves and wants you - and who's not an asshole?Luca knows that situation pretty well, when you just can't get up, can't get dressed and can't eat. There were ten dark years in her life. Now she takes care for a small dog, Mata, saved from a Bulgarian killing station. That dog is the reason why she gets up and goes outside. And she tries to pass the Abitur through evening classes. In order to pass the math exam, Luca makes a deal with her seat mate Kurt: she helps him with English and he explains math to her. Besides that, he is a reliable friend. For instance, when this aggressive guy rings her door bell. And even more, when things get really bad for Luca. However, living her life, that's something she only can do by herself.
Starring Martina Schöne-Radunski, Hans-Heinrich Hardt, Sebastian Fräsdorf
Director Philipp Eichholtz