Snow White's New Adventure
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Taking the much-loved Brothers Grimm fairy tale into the next exciting chapter, Snow White's New Adventures introduces a fresh-faced character into a daring story of peril and discovery. Desperate to find her missing father, a young girl discovers Snow White and the Dwarfs' hidden cottage in the woods. Initially unsure of the mysterious community, her newfound friends help her follow the clues to her dad's whereabouts. But standing in their way is the almighty evil queen and her cohorts, not only determined to catch up once more and even the score with Snow White, but also dash their hopes of ever finding the dearly lost patriarch. Featuring a string of all-new characters and lively animal friends, Snow White's New Adventures is a fun filled and colourful journey into an exciting and imaginative world.
Starring Riley Jackson, John Malone, Felicia Zoberman
Director Ben Zhao